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    No other book so insightfully explores the art of passionate, safe sex for couples in life-long commitments. Here is a guide that applies sensitivity and compassion to increase the pleasures and benefits of a loving sexual relationship. It combines the best of romance, love and communication with sex. Essential steps are provided to achieve passionate, intimate and safe lovemaking for caring couples. This book is for those couples looking to heighten their enjoyment together. No longer will they seek pleasure beyond each other. Safe sex can be one hundred times better than changing partners one hundred times. The secret is to enjoy monogamy without monotony

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    Sustain sexual longevity and enjoy sex forever! Here is a safe, honest and straight-forward resource to help men and women of all ages reach greater levels of sexual satisfaction. With the author’s candid and unique approach based upon medical knowledge, experience, godly insight and wisdom, readers can find answers to many questions.

    Sex was designed by a loving God who wants husbands and wives to enter into the most intimate level of oneness that is possible. Sometimes there are emotional, physical and even spiritual problems that stand in the way, and Dr. Pensanti addresses many issues and topics within these pages.

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    For Yourself offers a step-by-step program developed by an acclaimed sex therapist with years of experience in the field. With an emphasis on clear, factual advice, simple, effective exercises, and a warm, reassuring tone, it helps women discover a new world of fulfillment – for themselves.


    • 225 A detailed description of female sexual response
    • 225 Step-by-step exercises that will help gradually awaken dormant sexuality
    • 225 Explanations that dispel misunderstandings about sex and sexual response
    • 225 Insights into the essential role of mental and emotional attitude toward sexual gratification
    • 225 And more

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    Liz has to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team. What begins as a frustrating experience, soon evolves into something very satisfying.

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    The A-Spot is a sensitive crevice located on the belly side of the cervix. It sits between the front vaginal wall and the ridges of the cervix.

    Finding it can be a tough job for some or a simple walk in the park if you know what you;re looking for.  With the right sex position you can unlock this new pleasure point just like that!

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    In this long-awaited, graphically intense exploration of seduction, romance, and erotic fantasy, no taboos are put on shared pleasure or the imagination of desire. Lonnie Barbach, a highly regarded professional in the field of sexuality and relationships, has collected 22 erotic and arousing stories written by both men and women. In her commentaries, Barbach examines the strong connection between men’s sexual response and visual stimuli, contrasted with the importance of foreplay and mental suduction for women, and offers advice on how to use particular stories as a starting point for sexual encounters.

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