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    3 In 1 Cockring 6,000.00
     This 3 in 1 Cock ring is Perfect for all occasions and scenarios, great for solo play to help stimulate and delay ejaculation. can be worn in various ways.
    • Medical Grade Silicone.
    • waterproof.
    • Soft and stretchy to fit everyone.

    In stock

  • Dual Vibrating Cock Ring 18,500.00
    •  3 in 1 cock rings grips your dick, balls and the base of your shaft. 
    • For bigger and harder erection.
    •  Thicker and wider in the middle of each ring,  
    •  Restrict  blood flow of your penis to help reduce and control premature ejaculation in order to prolong the sexual life time.
    •  Multiple Ways to Wear

    In stock

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    Pretty Love Vibrating Cockring 8,000.00

    Live Your Best Sex Life with this Mind-Blowing Vibrating Cock Ring, It provides you a different sensation entirely. You’d never have to worry about this toy not staying in position. Its tight grip will help you with that. Once worn, your penis will grow slightly more prominent and you will also enjoy having a long-lasting hard-on and a delay in your ejaculation.


    • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
    •  Contains Bullet
    • Water Proof


    In stock

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    Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring 16,500.00

    Comfort and adaptability.

    •  Medical Grade silicone
    • 100 % safe and odourless
    • Rechargeable battery
    •  Stretchy and firm cock ring
    • suitable size,
    • For harder erection 
    •  waterproof
    • 20 kinds of vibration modes

    In stock (can be backordered)

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    Strong Martin Vibrating Cock ring 22,500.00

    This is a special edition toy for men, The thoughtful details, unusual design and high manufacturability of this brand-  Kistoy,  distinguishes it among all the variety of sex toys.it is a firm cock ring or a penis ring, It is very effective for retaining erection and also stimulating the woman’s clitoris thereby driving you both into insane orgasm! It is indeed an interesting solution for additional sensations during sex.

    • Rechargeable
    • 2 strong Vibrating motors for the clits, 1 for the ring area
    • Guaranteed powerful and long-lasting erection for the man
    • Intense Clitoral stimulation for the  woman
    • 10 intense Vibration patterns
    • Great couples toy!

    In stock

  • Super-sex Clitoral Cock Ring 5,000.00

    Super-sex non vibrating clitoral cock-ring is a penis ring with soft spikes that will brush softly on the w0man”s clits and stimulate the woman’s clitoris


    In stock

  • Triple Donut Cock Ring Set 5,000.00

    3pcs Firm and easy to use cock rings for maximum delay of ejaculation, The Lovetoy Power plus cock ring comes in 3pcs For Maximum fun and strong Erection

    • Comfortable
    • Phthalate Free Specially developed for your Safety and Hygiene During Your intimate Play.
    • Coat with water-based lubricant for extra comfort during wear.

    In stock

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    Vibrating Double Cockring 10,000.00

    This Vibrating Double Cockring is perfect for extra stimulation and an extra strong erection.

    • Can be worn in different ways
    • perfect for experimenting different positions
    • Medical grade silicone
    •  Rechargeable
    • 10 vibration modes

    In stock

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    Vibrating Rabbit Cockring 5,000.00

    The Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring. is perfect for couple sex because it features two essential parts that gives both you and your partners sensations. The ring goes around the penis to boost erection while the rabbit  ears tickles the clit

    • Available in different colors We’re sure that whichever you pick, you’re going to love it
    • Handy
    • Super Soft And Flexible
    • Strong Vibration
    • Enhance Erections and Orgasms
    • Great for Couples

    In stock

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    Spinner Tongue Chi Cock Ring 17,500.00

    Hugging the base of the penis, the cock ring restricts blood flow to give you harder and longer lasting erections.

    Velvety-soft body-safe silicone cock ring in a bold purple or black with amazing clitoral stimulator

    • Play through 10 varying vibration patterns and spinning speeds  – all perfect for clitoral stimulation

    • USB rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone

    . Waterproof and mute design
    . Colours : Black Purple and Red

    In stock

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