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Sustain sexual longevity and enjoy sex forever! Here is a safe, honest and straight-forward resource to help men and women of all ages reach greater levels of sexual satisfaction. With the author’s candid and unique approach based upon medical knowledge, experience, godly insight and wisdom, readers can find answers to many questions.

Sex was designed by a loving God who wants husbands and wives to enter into the most intimate level of oneness that is possible. Sometimes there are emotional, physical and even spiritual problems that stand in the way, and Dr. Pensanti addresses many issues and topics within these pages.

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Dr. Helen Pensanti is a licensed medical doctor who had the largest PMS clinic in Southern California. Today she has a popular television show, “Doctor to Doctor”-which is one of the top three shows rated by the amount of mail on TBN. She is also involved in extensive research in the field of natural hormones for menopause, PMS and osteoporosis. A high-energy person, Dr. Pensanti is known for her candid down-to-earth advice, sense of humor and honest


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